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Online Banking

Financial Spa

Client Services

The traditional teller area where everyday banking transactions occur has been completely rethought. Inspired by the front desk of boutique hotels, they are open and approachable. All the many pieces of transaction equipment have been placed where they belong – out of sight – resulting in a clutter-free, professional and calming atmosphere.


Flooring, like lighting and ceiling treatments, demarks specific areas. Transitions from slate to hardwood to carpet create a visual distinction between traffic areas and more intimate settings.

Kids' Zone

Our younger clients are important too. We have taken great care to provide an area where they can entertain themselves while parents take care of their financial needs.


Computer monitors swivel for easy viewing by both clients and staff. We offer full transparency in every transaction.

Electronic Signage

TV monitors offer a mix of local imagery, financial tips and branch-specific information to inform and entertain should there be a queue.


Long rows of traditional tellers have been replaced with individual stations allowing for more personable interaction. The ceiling is dropped to mute sound and enhance privacy.


Lower-level wheelchair-accessible stations also accommodate a chair or two for senior (or weary) clients.

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