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Online Banking

Financial Spa

Advisory Area

The Advisory Area of our Financial Spas is where more complex issues such as financial planning and wealth management are discussed. The décor evokes the atmosphere of a club with an intimate sense of belonging – that this is your place where you can look forward to long-term, trusted relationships.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

You are welcome to check email or browse the Internet at any time through access to complimentary Wi-Fi.

Advisors' Offices

Advisors' offices are in plain sight. The extra-wide glass doors and mix of clear and textured art glass provide an open feel yet still offer necessary privacy and ensure confidentiality.

Waiting Lounge

You can relax while waiting for your financial advisors should you happen to arrive a bit early. Here you can enjoy a specialty beverage, read the latest papers or magazines, or take in the art on display.

Fresh Flowers

As with the Concierge station, stunning floral arrangements engage the senses and present an unexpected delight.

Arts in View

Each Financial Spa showcases local artists through a series of exhibits that rotate through our branches.

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